Ok, Let’s Make Soup

Ok, let’s make soup. First slice an onion very thinly and sprinkle lightly with salt. Set aside and let the onion release its juices for a minute. Meanwhile, throw a bunch of garden tomatoes of any variety into boiling water for about a minute and slip off their skins. Remove and compost the core, squish the tomatoes good with your hands, and don’t get rid of the seeds. At First Slice we have started to fire up our famous winter soups.

Enjoy, our most popular, Roasted Tomato Soup with onion, carrot, a little olive oil, garlic, herbs and serve it up with a grilled cheese garnish. Wow this will hit the spot on any fall-winter day.

You can even add  a grilled cheese sandwich that will be  out-of-this-world tasty. It is pressed to perfection with just enough cheese to be filling without being too heavy. You can than wash it down with a hot, spicy chai tea latte or a cup of java and than if you are still hungry, there is always our pie. Enjoy!

Be sure and let our readers know if you have had this fabulous soup that we have been making not only for the pie cafe’s but we have been serving up all kinds of our wonderful soups to the homeless of Chicago.

“In the fall and winter we serve soup on a street corner every Tuesday night to homeless youth. We probably have 30 different recipes. We hide a lot of vegetables in our soups—I play the same game with the kids on the streets that I do with my own two kids. They might think they’re eating just cheddar cheese soup but it’s been thickened with vegetables like butternut squash.  Mary Diaz Owner First Slice