Nice To Be Recognized

If you’re a fan of First Slice, you already know that feeding yourself at one of our cafés also helps to feed those in our community who are hungry and lack access to resources…

Having A Party, Meeting Or Event?

Having a party, meeting or other event? Let First Slice Do the cooking!
First Slice offers a wide variety of catering options to suit any event, as well as professional and capable staff, should it be needed>

Ok, Let’s Make Soup

Ok, let’s make soup. First slice an onion very thinly and sprinkle lightly with salt. Set aside and let the onion release its juices for a minute. Meanwhile, throw a bunch of garden tomatoes of any variety into boiling water for about a minute and slip off their skins. Remove and compost the core, squish the tomatoes good with your hands, and don’t get rid of the seeds